Multiple Teams · 10/3/20 JH/VARSITY Cross Country TEC Conference Meet Ticket & Fan Information

JH/Var Cross Country TEC Conference Meet Saturday, 10/03/20 First Race 10:00 AM 


NO Ticket NO Admittance!!


All Union City Jr/Sr single-game tickets are now available for online purchase and download through our new ticketing partner, HomeTown Ticketing!

JH and Varsity TEC Cross Country tickets will be available online as a digital ticket. 250 tickets are available For Sale now for this event.

All 250 tickets will be sold online as pre-sale tickets and no tickets will be available at the gate day of the event.


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ATHLETES/COACHES/FANS: We ask any participate/fan/coach that is not feeling well to please stay home. If you have had a fever in the last 3 days please stay home.

FAN ARRIVAL TIMES: Junior High races will start at 10am. Upon completion of the Junior High races, we will ask that all Junior High families leave to their cars.  We are asking high school families to NOT arrive until 10:45 am and stay in their cars until 11:00am. The high school races will start no sooner than 11:15am. All Spectators will be asked to spread out along the entire course and not move throughout the race.  No Awards Ceremony will take place.

START LINE: The start line will be enlarged with bigger starting blocks. Each starting block will be marked with a number. Runners must come to the starting line in a mask. Once race begins they can drop off of their face. Fans will not be permitted at the start line.

FINISH LINE: An adult representative of each school will be required to be staged at the finish line to help with moving runners through the chute. It will be the responsibility of the runner to ensure they move through the finish area and are scored correctly. The team’s representative will be the only person that will be permitted to make contact with the runner unless medical attention is needed. NO FANS at finish line!

WATER: All teams should bring their own water for their runners. We will not be permitted to provide water to runners when they finish the race.

TEAM CAMPS: Team camps will be permitted. Please maintain acceptable distance between neighboring camps. Please clean up your camp area on your departure.

In addition to all the above mentioned alterations, the following will also have to be practiced:

  1. All Union City event staff will be required to wear a face covering.
  2. All coaches and athletes are required to wear a face covering unless participating in physical activity.
  3. All spectators will be required to wear a mask at entry and to continue to wear the mask while at the park.
  4. Parents will not be permitted to gather at the starting line or the finish line. It is recommended that parents find space along the course that is socially distanced from other spectators.
  5. Only runners participating in the race will be permitted to enter with the team.
  6. There will be no tickets sold at the gate. All tickets sold online before race day. NO TICKET NO ADMITTANCE

Additional restrictions could be added based on recommendations of the Randolph County Health Department prior to the race. Those changes will be passed along as they are announced.

Masks are required if within 6 feet of another family.  

In order for our athletes and fans to continue enjoying high school athletics we ask all fans and teams to wear a mask and social distance themselves. If you are sick, having symptoms, in quarantine or waiting for a test result to come back, DO NOT ATTEND THIS EVENT!  Please take care of yourself and your family while attending this event. We want to keep playing, but we need everyone’s help in being safe and smart!

Union City JR/SR High School
Athletics Contest Attendance Protocols

Due to attendance restrictions of no more than 250 attendees (inside including participants) by the Governor and Randolph County Health Department and, Union City JR/SR High School Athletic Department will be implementing the following protocols for attendance. This will look different from past practice and we appreciate your flexibility and understanding. Remember things are very fluid during this pandemic and this information is subject to change.  
∙ Masks are required by all fans during their time at any event whether inside or out even if being able to properly social distance (6 feet) NO Mask NO Admittance!!!
∙ Anyone coming to events should self-screen prior to arrival 
∙ Anyone exhibiting the following Covid-19 symptoms should stay home 
     o A fever of 100.4 F or greater
     o Cough or Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing or Diarrhea or Nausea or Vomiting 
     o Chills
     o Repeated shaking with chills 
     o Muscle pain and Fatigue 
     o Headache 
     o Sore throat 
     o New loss of taste or smell