Junior Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Volleyball · 10/08/20 JV/Var Volleyball vs Randolph Southern ticket & fan information

JV/Varsity Volleyball vs Randolph Southern Thursday, 10/08/20


All Union City Jr/Sr single-game tickets are now available for online purchase and download through our new ticketing partner, HomeTown Ticketing!
JV/Varsity and Junior High volleyball tickets will be available online as a digital ticket. These tickets will become available 4-6 days before the event.


If any tickets of the 150 online pre-sale tickets are left at game time they will be offered at the gate first come first serve.


Union City Ticketing

“NEW ” Digital Ticketing for Union City Indians Athletics


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150 tickets will be offered for sale for all volleyball games. All tickets will be offered first to fans by online purchase. Punch passes and Gold Cards are good for Volleyball games. Admission into the JV/Varsity and Junior High Volleyball games will be $5 per person Kindergarten and up. Any person under Kindergarten will not will not need to pay an admission fee. All fans and team personnel should wear a mask and social distance while on school grounds! Athletes can remove masks while participating in the game.

Home and visiting fans & teams should park on the east side of Union City Jr./Sr. High School. You should enter Door #E4 labeled Athletics and Preforming Arts Entrance.. All JV/Varsity and Junior High Volleyball games will be played in Main Gym. Visiting fans will sit on the North side in the big bleachers and enter the gym by the North doors of the gym. Home fans will sit in the upper deck on the South side of the gym. Home fans will enter the gym by the South doors of the gym. Fans should sit within their family units and social distance from other family units. No student sections will be allowed for the home or away schools.

Union City will still offer a concession stand for home events. It will be mandatory that all workers wear a mask and gloves. Expect the menu to change with less prepared food and more pre-packaged items. Fans should stay socially distant while in line at concession stands. Restrooms for fans will be located in the Gym Lobby which is east of the Main Gym.

In order for our athletes and fans to continue enjoying high school athletics we ask all fans and teams to wear a mask and social distance themselves. If you are sick, having symptoms, in quarantine or waiting for a test result to come back, DO NOT ATTEND THIS EVENT!  Please take care of yourself and your family while attending this event. We want to keep playing, but we need everyone’s help in being safe and smart!

Union City JR/SR High School
Athletics Contest Attendance Protocols

Due to attendance restrictions of no more than 250 attendees (inside including participants) by the Governor and Randolph County Health Department and, Union City JR/SR High School Athletic Department will be implementing the following protocols for attendance. This will look different from past practice and we appreciate your flexibility and understanding. Remember things are very fluid during this pandemic and this information is subject to change.  
∙ Masks are required by all fans during their time at any event whether inside or out even if being able to properly social distance (6 feet) NO Mask NO Admittance!!!
∙ Anyone coming to events should self-screen prior to arrival 
∙ Anyone exhibiting the following Covid-19 symptoms should stay home 
     o A fever of 100.4 F or greater
     o Cough or Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing or Diarrhea or Nausea or Vomiting 
     o Chills
     o Repeated shaking with chills 
     o Muscle pain and Fatigue 
     o Headache 
     o Sore throat 
     o New loss of taste or smell 
∙ Hand sanitizer will be located at the entrances/exits, concessions, scores table and player benches
∙ Upon arrival to ticket gates, please adhere to social distancing while waiting in line
∙ Capacity at all events is 250. Inside events fans, event workers and participants all count toward the 250. 
∙ Tickets will be sold by digitally online or by CC and cash at gates ($5.00 per ticket, if paying by cash we would prefer exact change) unless we know ahead of time you are working 
∙ If waiting for restrooms or concessions please practice social distancing 
∙ Once inside the event, please observe proper social distancing (6 feet). For all sports except tennis and cross country, markings will be placed for you to sit.

Volleyball JH & HS (250 capacity) Both JH & HS teams will play events in Main Gym only

∙ Masks must be worn and proper social distancing practiced at events
∙ Capacity is 250 with athletes, coaches, managers, event workers and fans all counting in this 250
∙ Tickets will be sold digitally on line with a maximum of 150 tickets being sold. This leaves 100 tickets for participants, Gold Card Pass and Punch Pass holders. These 150 tickets will be available online for home and visitor fans alike. These 150 tickets are first come first serve and when gone they are gone. If any tickets are not sold online they will be made available at the gate the night of the event, again first come first serve.     
∙ Social distance markings will be located at building entrance and ticket table; fans should observe social distancing while waiting in line to redeem tickets.     
∙ Fans: Visitor teams’ fans will sit in the big side bleachers (Northside) and enter the gym by the north doors. Union City fans will sit in the upper deck on the Southside of the gym (score tableside).
Union City fans will 
enter the gym by the south doors. No fans will sit in the bottom section around the benches.
· No student sections will be allowed for the home or away schools. Students must sit with a family unit or in a single seat observing social distancing rules.  
∙ Social distance markings will be located around the gym. Please sit on rows with green arrows. If from same family unit you can sit together on the same row. If you are a single fan you must observe the 6 foot social distance rules while in the bleachers. 
∙ Upon completion of the contest, fans must leave the facility. No congregating in gym or waiting on players.