Varsity Baseball, Varsity Softball · TICKETS FOR SALE (Spring Season All Home Events)

Starting with spring sports we are switching ticket companies for all home events. Eventlink will be our new ticket company beginning with the Softball game on April 3rd. We are making this change due to the difficulty that fans have had with setting up accounts with the old company. Another benefit for our fans is you can buy the ticket right from your Eventlink app or all events can be bought right from the Eventlink Event calendar.  Biggest advantage with us changing companies is the fees to purchase tickets will be 30% less expensive for our fans.

Each week a ticket codes will be displayed on the website with an access code for each game. These codes can be used by anyone if they have an Eventlink account or not. Ticket codes will be displayed the weekend before the next week’s scheduled events. Reminder you can always purchase your tickets right from the Eventlink app or your Eventlink Calendar.

PUNCH PASSES will still be accepted and they are good all spring and next year. Can be purchased at the HS office or at any home event. 


Week of 5/17/21 Home Events Tickets FOR SALE


5/19/2021 5:00 PM EST – Softball (Varsity) – Tri JH/HS  Click HERE

5/21/2021 5:00 PM EST – Softball (Varsity) – Union (Modoc) Senior Night Click HERE

5/22/2021 10:00 AM EST – Baseball (Varsity) – Daleville JH/HS  Click HERE

5/22/2021 11:00 AM EST – Softball (Varsity) – Daleville (Var/JV DH)  Click HERE


Check back in August for the next event to go on sale.