Athlete Registration

To all UC Athletes and families,Union City will be using online registration for all athletes this year. Registration will take place on Eventlink. All athletes have to be registered by their parents and forms filled out before participating in practices for the fall sports season. Information on how to register your athletes can be found here.
Make sure all forms are filled out and signed by parent and student. If a high school student has an IHSAA physical on file from last year they may use that physical for this year, if the parent is OK with Union City JR/SR High School using that form again this year. If a Junior High or Elementary student has a JH physical form on file from last year that form is also good as long as the parent is good with Union City JR/SR High School using that form again for this year.  Incoming freshmen if your physical form from last year was taken on a Junior High form you will need a new physical on the 2020-2021 IHSAA form before you participate in any workout or practice. The Junior High and IHSAA Physical forms can be downloaded from these links.
High School Physical Form click here
Junior High Physical Form click here

Parents must register their athletes on Eventlink before athlete can participate. (has to be done on a computer)


Registration Setup Manual can be found here


You can start that process of registering your athlete by clicking here    

You will need to sign-in or create an account once you are on Eventlink’s home page.