Athletics Contest Attendance Protocols Updated 12/28/20



Union City JR/SR High School
Athletics Contest Attendance Protocols


Due to attendance restrictions on attendees at our events (inside including participants) by the Governor, Randolph County Health Department and Randolph Eastern School Board Union City JR/SR High School Athletic Department will be implementing the following protocols for attendance. This will look different from past practice and we appreciate your flexibility and understanding. Remember things are very fluid during this pandemic and this information is subject to change.

Updated 12/28/20

Attention: The following ticketing and admission policies are now in effect for home Union City JR and SR High athletic events due to the recent upgrade of Randolph County’s COVID status level is ORANGE. If there is a further change to the status level up or down we will adjust accordingly. 

Attendance Capacity (Main Gym) (COVID ORANGE LEVEL)

  1. Basketball and Wrestling 250 including participates and event workers

  2. All Junior High & High School games in Main Gym at 6:00 PM with the doors opening at 5:15 PM

  3. Ticket Sales online only no tickets available at the door

  4. Punch Passes are not sold but issued ones can be used for admittance

  5. Tickets per participate 4 for basketball and 2 for wrestling when more than two teams at the wrestling event event to keep number of fans under 120 on big side bleachers

  6. Visitor fans (upper deck south) 80

  7. Home fans (big side north) 120

  8. Leaves 50 for participates and event workers

  9. Bottom side south scoreboard side: teams, bookkeepers & scoreboard operators

  10. Media and KISS on Upper Deck

  11. Bleachers marked with green and red painters tape with spacing for social distancing.

  12. Signs and Announcements several times to promote social distancing and masks.


Anyone coming to events should self-screen prior to arrival

Please stay home if:

  • You are experiencing COVID-like symptoms.
  • You have been determined a COVID “Close Contact”.
  • You have been advised to quarantine or test for COVID.

Guidelines for all fans (if not followed fan will be asked to leave or not allowed to enter)

  • All fans, coaches and players are required to have face covering on to enter the event. (NO MASK you will be asked to leave)
  • Upon arrival to ticket gates, please adhere to social distancing while waiting in line
  • Tickets will be sold by digitally online $5.00 plus fees or by cash at gates $6.00 per ticket, if paying by cash we would prefer exact change.
  • During the event all fans are required to be in a face covering when social distance can not be observed.
  • Seating is marked, fans should sit on rows marked with green arrows.
  • Visiting team fans will sit in the upper deck on the southside of the gym. Home team fans will sit on the big side bleachers on the northside of the gym.
  • Fans can sit together as family units and all others will be required to observe social distancing. For all sports markings will be placed for you to sit
  • If waiting for restrooms or concessions please practice social distancing
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the gym entrance and concession stand for fans to use.
  • Concessions: we will have concessions open with all items being prepackaged. Concession stand workers will be in appropriate PPE. Cashier will be separate from food handlers.  Customers must be in face covering to be served.
  • Exit venue at completion of event
  • Digital Ticketing only

Capacity at all events is limited it is best to check the website post for each event’s availability of tickets. Inside events fans, event workers and participants all count toward the total number of people allowed. Outside events only the paid admission counts toward the total number of people allowed.

The above information is subject to change