Union City Jr/Sr High School Indians

Cross Country (Co-ed JH)

Union City Invitational

By Bruce Davison | Sep 13, 2023 9:44 AM

The JHXC Team had amazing results at the Union City Invitational. The JHXC Boys Team posted great results with Dash continuing to lead the way with another first place finish 12:12, 1/30, Dylan had a great finish 13:33, 6/30 and Jackson improved his time by nearly 6 minutes on the same course, 17:45, 21/30. The JHXC Girls Team have continued their pursuit of excellence with each of the Lady Indians improving their time on the same course (In apprentices is the improved time). The Lady Indians were led by Faith 15:54, 11/39 (4 mins), Christiana 17:02, 15/39 (2:30), Phoebe 17:03 16/39 (:40), Lyla 17:12, 17/39 (:56), Aleah 17:23, 18/39 (3 mins), Kara 20:47, 27/39 (2:45), Aberrey 21:04, 28/39 (1st Time), Shelby 24:07, 35/39 (:25), Stella 25:43, 38/39 (1st Time). The Girls Team finished 3rd in the Invitational. It was a great evening for the JHXC Team, we are proud of them!

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