Cross Country (Co-ed JH)

Indians finish season at Centerville

By Justin Daniels | Oct 7, 2023 9:32 PM

The Indians Junior High Cross Country teams made their way to Centerville Saturday morning to compete at the TEC meet and came away with great finishes that they should be proud of!! Normally as the High School Coach I don't get to see a lot of how great these kids are except for a short time but with Coach Davison away I had the opportunity to hangout around the kids today. In the Boys race Dash lead the way and was able to shake the Centerville runner away early to cross the finish line with a first place finish and a time of 10:44 earning All-Conference honors. Also earning All-Conference was Dylan Shinaver who has came on very strong over the last two meets. Dylan crossed the finish line in 8th with a time of 11:49. Mikkel Hartman had a career day for the Indians as he crossed the finish line in 33rd with a time of 13:47. Mikkel took off one minute and ten seconds off of his time when the season started. Jackson Liss wasn't far behind as he had the best race of his career as well. Jackson finish 40th with a time of 14:06 but not only did he do that took off an impressive three minutes from the time he ran at the TEC meet a year ago. Jackson took two minutes and thirty three seconds off his time this season! The girls race showed that the future is very bright as they placed 4th beating Driver, Centerville, Lincoln and Tri. Faith Lutz was the leader of the pack today as she crossed the finish line in 19th with a time of 14:15 earning a ribbon. Lutz came on strong at the end of the finishing the last three meets with a sub 15 minute time. Phoebe Hinkle was next to cross the line for the Indians as she crossed in 21st place with a time of 14:36. Phoebe has been a leader for the team all season as she took nearly two minutes off her time from a year ago. Aleah Lacy proved this season that she is going to do great things in running. Today Lacy crossed the finish line in 23rd with a time of 14:39. She took an impressive four minutes off her time from the start of the season. Lyla Baldwin was next to cross the finish for the Indians as she finished 24th with a time of 14:46. Lyla took two minutes and twenty seconds off of her time this season. Team leader Christiana Teegarden was next to cross the line with the pack of Indians as she finished 30th with a time of 15:20. Teegarden may have not had her best season due to Injuries but she proved that she can be very good when she needs to be and is a huge help to the JH team. Kara Walser was next to finish as she crossed the line in 49th place with a time of 17:21 just forty seconds from her PR. Walser took over a minute off of her time this season. Aberrey Thacker had a great day going up against many girls older than her. Thacker is the youngest of the Indians but will continue to grow and compete like she has all season. Aberrey finished 59th with a time of 19:20. Brooklyn Craiger finished right behind Aberrey as she finished 60th with a time of 20:31. Brooklyn has taken nearly two minutes off of her time this season. Stella Vasquez was next for the Indians as she finished 65th with a time of 23:12. Stella has worked hard all season and was able to take over a minute off of her time. This has been a great season and all of you parents should be proud of how well your kids compete as a team and individuals. They've been respectful all season to us coaches and during meets and that says a lot about you as parents. We thank you all for representing Union City this season!

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