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Indians earn Medals at State!

By Mason Wine | May 21, 2023 6:02 AM

Union City JH track team competed at the Indiana Middle School State Championships yesterday in Terre Haute. Leaving at 6 AM we got to Indiana State University to compete with our first relay at 10 AM. I am so proud of what the team accomplished all season, but even more of what they accomplish yesterday. They showed all the schools that Union City isn’t scared to compete with the biggest and the best. Union City came in confident, humble, and proud of what they have accomplished so far all season. When it was time for them to race they never backed down. They endured a hot sun, but made great memories. Below is a race breakdown for Union City events. The girls SMR was the very first race. Ava Reichard started off the relay running 100 meters. She proved that she’s more than just a hurdle jumper. She handed the baton off to Emmi Kreiner who ran another 100 meters. Emmi did what she’s done all season, impressed. Emmi held her own and gave the baton off to the 6th grade phenom Adalina Himes. Adalina showed off her speed by running an amazing 200 meters. Adalina handed the baton off to Allyson Carter who was set to run 400 meters. Allyson got the baton in the 6th place position. Allyson also did what she’s done all year, chase people down. Running down the back stretch Allyson weaved in and out of teams. At the 200 meter curve she was in 2nd place. Down the homestretch she fought stride for stride with three other teams fighting for 2nd place. With a photo finish at the line she got out leaned and UC finished in 5th place with a time of 2:07.68. The boys saw this performance and it lit a fire under their feet as they got ready for the SMR. Jose Perez started things off by coming out of blocks like a rocket. His 100 meters was a PR. Jose passed the baton off to Asa Vaughn. Asa used his long strides and bounded down the back stretch. Running his fastest time of the year. Asa handed the baton off to Jadden Lopez-Forsythe, who was set to run 200 meters, his specialty. Jadden did flew down the homestretch and gave the baton to Wilson Aguilar-Mendez, who was set to run 400 meters. Wilson ran confident and passed people on the back stretch. As they approached 100 meters to go, Wilson kicked it into another gear. Union City placed 2nd in the SMR with a time of 1:53.55. A couple hours later Adalina Himes, Jadden Lopez-Forsythe, Allyson Carter, and Wilson Aguilar-Mendez competed in the mixed 4 x 4 relay, a very competitive event. Adalina started things off strong running her best 400 meter split of the season. She handed the baton off to Jadden who did his best to make up time on the leaders. Jadden handed the baton off to Allyson. Allyson pulled away from the middle of the pack trying to catch the top three teams. When Wilson got the baton, we were in soul possession of 4th place and that’s where Union City ended up, finishing with a time of 4:19.01. After discussing with the referee, it was found that Union City cut in too soon before the break line, which is an automatic disqualification. A few hours later, Jadden Lopez-Forsythe ran in the 200 meter hurdles, Jadden ran his fastest time all year, 28.93. Jadden finished 3rd among 7th graders and 24th overall. After waiting five hours and cheering on his teammates, it was finally Dash Thacker‘s turn to run the 2400 meter run. Dash and I had a game plan going into the race of 1:20 per lap equaling 8:00 in total. Dash’s body had other plans. When the gun went off Dash sprinted around the curve and got into 1st position and set the pace. Dash used his adrenaline his first two laps running 2:21. Lap 3, a mentally tough lap, dash pushed through after feeling a competitor on his heels. Dash finished lap four at 5:13. With two laps remaining, a competitor tried to make a move around Dash. Dash would speed up every time not letting him around . Going into the final lap, the competitor made a strong kick at 200 meters and passed Dash. Dash tucked in behind and ran stride for stride. The last 80 meters Dash found another gear and zoomed around the competitor finishing 1st place in heat with a time of 7:47.19. Dash was seeded 43/44 runners. Dash finished 3rd amongst 7th graders and 9th overall! Dash showed amazing mental toughness and has every intention to win next year! The very last event of the night, at 6pm, was the DMR. Allyson Carter kick things off for the girls by running three laps, something she’s never done before. To no one’s surprise she competed hard. Allyson pushed the pace by running in the 1st position. Allyson only had one competitor who was able to run her pace. Allyson used this as fuel. Anytime the competitor tried to pass she sped up. Allyson fought hard all three laps and handed the baton off to Emmi Kreiner in the 1st place position. Emmi ran one lap extremely well keeping that lead as she handed the baton off to Adalina Himes who was set to run two laps. After keeping the lead lap one something scary happened. Adalina began to have an asthma attack. Adalina showed amazing fight by finishing the second lap even though she was battling difficulty with her breathing. Adalina handed the baton off to Christiana Teegarden, another 6 grader who was set to run four laps. Christiana ran an amazing four laps battling through the pain of shin splints. Christiana fought through the tears and pain and finished strong crossing the line with a time of 15:52 good for 5th overall. The boys DMR was the last event of the night. Jose Perez start things off with three laps. Jose ran hard for something he’s never done before. Jose finished hard down the backstretch and gave the baton to Jadden Lopez-Forsythe. Jadden ran one lap weaving in and out of traffic, passing the competition. Jadden handed the baton to Wilson Aguilar-Mendez in the 3rd place position. Wilson showed his strong competitive nature and ran a great 2 laps. Wilson gave the baton to Dash Thacker who was set to run four laps. Dash ran stride for stride with another competitor for two laps. Dash quickly realized his tank was running low after just finishing 6 laps 30 minutes prior. Dash held strong and the UC boys finished 5th overall with a time of 12:59.91. Every athlete who competed today proved one thing. Union City is on the rise and have no plan of looking down. Thank you all for an amazing record book season! -Coach Wine

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